Already known for its “Opening Soonish” sign, Gage Cannabis Co. will officially open Monday.

The premium adult-use cannabis retailer will open on Monday at noon. after receiving approval from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission. Gage will offer a diverse selection of the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products in a comfortable and stylish retail setting.

Gage was founded by the operator of one of the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries, Central Ave Compassionate Care, Inc. After more than a year of planning and renovations to the store, Gage Cannabis will cater to adult-use consumers while Central Ave will continue to meet the needs of only medical marijuana patients.

“We are very proud to open Gage Cannabis Co. and share our knowledge and commitment to the cannabis industry with the community. Whether a customer is new or well versed, we have used our years of experience to create a unique level of quality and service for the retail consumer,” said John Hillier, founder and president of Gage and executive director of Central Ave. “In opening Gage, it is equally important for us to continue to meet the needs of the patient community at the medical marijuana dispensary, which was key reason we choose separate locations.”

Gage will open Monday, September 23rd, at noon, at 38 Littleton Road in Ayer, Mass., just minutes from Interstate-495 and Route 2. Gage offers a sophisticated retail experience, with multiple product showcases, a separate space for customer-staff consultations and multiple point-of-sale locations. Gage will be open seven days a week, 9 am – 9 pm. In addition to an on-site parking lot, parking is available at 51 Littleton Rd with complimentary shuttle service available. There is no on-street parking available.

Gage is committed to providing a wide range of products and strains from the top producers in the state, offering its customers choice and convenience. The product list will include:

  • Flower

  • Pre-rolls

  • Cartridges

  • Extracts

  • Concentrates

  • Edibles

  • Topicals

  • Tinctures

The store also offers various accessories including locally crafted glassware. Many of these products have been offered for sale to Central Ave dispensary patients and have a proven track record of quality and value.

In addition, Gage will offer online pre-ordering at for in-and-out service, debit as well as cash purchases, and ample convenient parking.

About Gage Cannabis Co.

Gage Cannabis Co. is a premium adult-use cannabis retailer in Ayer, Massachusetts with a mission is to provide customers with a diverse selection of the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products available in Massachusetts. As a locally owned and operated company, Gage strives to do this in a manner that is respectful of the community, its staff, its customers, and the plant itself.

The name Gage pays homage to a nickname for cannabis used in the jazz community of the early 1900’s. During this time, cannabis was commonly used in over-the-counter medicines and industrial applications as it had not yet been dubbed a “weed from the devil’s garden” by the decades of propaganda that would soon come. We aim to capture this point in time where cannabis use was widely accepted, because as Louis Armstrong put it, “Gage ain’t nothing but medicine.”